Insulating Material
H.F.I is a special manufacturer and supplier of electrical insulation materials in China. Our scope of products include electrical/industrial laminates, copper clad laminate, presspaper and pressboard, flexible composites ,films, mica products, etc.
Coffee Bean
H.F.I provides fresh Arabica coffee beans including Catimor coffee beans, available grades are AA, A and general.
H.F.I provides full system of high quality Glass Fibre, including roving, yarn, mat, chopped strand, fabric, non-woven products such as mat/tissue, etc . Also, we manufacture FRP sheets widely used in the field of refrigeration and construction.
Hainan Fuwang Industrial Co. Ltd (HFI) is an integrated group of companies which engage mainly in the fields of industry, agriculture and international trade. With the ISO 9001:2008 certification, HFI has been notarized as ¡°Long-term Gold Supplier¡± in both Made-In-China and Alibaba.Our industrial products include electrical insulation material    >>More
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