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    1. natural flavor
    2. pure aroma
    3. clean cup
    4. Size: 90% above screen 17, 10% above screen 16
    5. Broken rate 2.5% max
    6 .Discoloring bean 0.2% max
    7. Impurity 0.01% max

    We are coffee plant owner of 3000 Mu in Puer city, Yunnan Province, the same place of Starbuck coffee bean hometown, Puer located in latitude N22 ' 02 '' to 24 ' 50 ''. Longitude E99.09 to E102.19 which enjoys a same Latitude zone as world famous coffee home Jamaica and Columbia. Per year the temperature is from 15 degree to 20.3 degree¡¢315 days of frost-free period¡¢ annual rainfall around 1100 to 2780 mm£¬ and with a warm and humid weather in the whole year, Puer altitudes are between 317meters and 3370 meters, Mainly with mountain, slope-based with the red soil which with a texture, loose and fertile, well drained,
Based on the above conditions, Puer Yunnan is the best place for Arabica coffee growing! It is the largest place of Arabica coffee hometown.

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