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Green coffee bean


Arabica coffee beans, in Yunnan, China mainly grow in the region with in 800 m to 1500m above sea level. Its taste is strong but not bitter, moderate acidity and rich flavorobtaining unique flavor with a little fruity. Arabic coffee is gardening economic crops which demand special natural conditions. Optimum growth region is low-latitude high-altitude and a large temperature difference between day and night area, with an average annual temperature of 19¡æ -23 ¡æ£¬annual rainfall of 700-1800 mm and soil PH5.5-6.5. The advantageous geographical environment and climate conditions of pu'er are most suitable for Arabica coffee. The Nestle and Starbucks's coffee beans are also from here. It locates same latitude zone as Jamaica and Columbia. Because of better rainfall and climate higher, quality and high yield coffee beans are harvested here.  
Specialty coffee association of America in the 2006 evaluated the quality of coffee bean in Pu'er is better than that of Colombian. And the International Coffee Organization (ICO) identified it as one of the Colombia Arabica coffee with wet processing; it is the highest quality coffee in the world.


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